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    Can case temps effect water cooling temps?

    I was wondering is it possible that with water cooling my case temps are higher than my CPU temp if the water reservoir is external?
    I have a Chaintech 6BTM that uses a temp program called Shepherd which has the ability to set a flag so that the system temp reports as the cpu temp and vice versa. But which is which? I always thought that the highest temp would be the CPU but when running Sandra CPU with the case off neither temp rises until the water temp increases. Then both temps increase? When I put the case on then I see one of the temps increase quite sharply. I've put another temp sensor at the top of the case and it does seem to match that of the system temp with the CPU being the highest temp but I've noticed that the system temp sensor is located by the northbridge and CPU which is no doubtably a very hot spot indeed? Why have an option to swap the temps, now I don't really know which is the correct CPU temp? If I don't swap the temps then my system temp is apparently higher than my CPU with the case on? I'm confused?
    Cel II 566@876 (1.85v)
    Swifttech WB (600 lph pump/2L reservoir)
    Chaintech 6BTM mobo (103FSB)
    256 meg

    Case off temps,
    24C/25C/25C Idle
    24C/27C/27C Full load

    Case on temps,
    24C/29C/29C Idle
    24C/30C/30C Full load (Sandra CPU Burn)

    Case on temps,
    24C/29C/29C Idle
    24C/29C/37C Full load (Playing 3d game)

    Can someone please explain why if I only stress the CPU my temps seem ok but then if I utilise the V5 one of the temps goes through the roof?

    Either the CPU is getting even more hammered than the Sandra 100% utilisation burn in test?

    The V5 pumps out so much heat that the system temp increases so much that it effects the cooling capability of the WB?

    Or the V5 pumps out so much heat that the largest temp is actually the system temp and the CPU has remained cool?

    BTW, I have a very poor air flow through the case as I'm running my PSU and slot exhaust fans @ 7v. I like the the silent PC : )

    Sorry for the long post,

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    yes, the case temp copuld be higher then the cpu temp but it wont stay like that for long, the air will ware up to cpu, the best way to keep the case temps down is to have any fans on the radiator blowing out hot air from the back

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    After further testing I'm convinced that the higher temp is indeed that of the CPU, ah well at full load (4 hours of UT) I'm now at

    Cel II566@876 (1.85v)

    Amb=24C, SYS=28C, CPU=34C

    As both my PSU and slot exhaust are running @7V and I haven't tried to use a fan with my radiator yet I think these are not to bad. I reckon I'm hovering with a C/W of .37 so I think there is room for improvement ?

    Any idea on what a decent C/W for a WB should be?

    : )

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