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    YEY Just got my 6600GT bye bye 5600 lol


    Just got back with my new 6600GT and it's time to kiss my 5600 bye bye lol.

    I am hoping for a HUGE perf boost form this card, as I have never had a GT or ultra type card before, I have always only been able to bye the LE versions and so on.

    I nearly convinced myself to just get the 6600LE, but with the difference in perf between the two, and the difference in price, I thought why not, go ahead and treat yourself..

    HEH - I cant wait to actually try some games like HL2 and UT2004 with AA/AF on instead of off lol.

    Wish me fun times people, cause I got myself a decent card at last heh

    Time to install my new baby..... now were are my tools... hrmm

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    Glad your happy yeah AA+AF is nice
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    Congrats! Now it's time to OC that puppy!
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    Grats, I just went from a 5600 to a 6800GT and WOW it sure is nice running all my games with every option I can imagine at max Just hope this card lasts me a good, long while.

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    Went from a 5900 to 6600gt, what a difference, but ya know , the bug hit me again, 6800GT fantastic.

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    I got a 6600gt to replace my 5600u. There is no way that 5600U will be installed again.

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    I went from a Ti4200 to a 6800GT, now that was a huge change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by capneedle
    I went from a Ti4200 to a 6800GT, now that was a huge change.
    ^^same here w0000000000tttt!!! now thats what i consider a true 'phase' change
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    Lotta people I think went from the GF4 series to the GF6 series I think. Thats when I finally saw enough of a performance jump to justify the upgrade from the 4800SE to a 6600GT.

    I guess a lot of us just weren't impressed with the improvements of the FX series.
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