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    Gateway M305CRV Sound Issue..

    I have this laptop that was brought to me to fix, had major spyware and virus infections. Got the OS (Win XP) cleaned up but there is no sound from the speakers, or the output jack. There is no setting in the bios to turn off the audio.

    I used the audio test in the advanced speaker setup, the microphone picks up sound fairly well, according to the bar graph, but the next step where you should be able to here your own voice, it won't play any sound. If I make a loud noise like taping on the mic or blowing into it, I do hear some crackling and pops.

    I tried updating the drivers - no help and the bios is the newest available, and the software won't let me reinstall the same bios. I reinstalled a fresh copy of xp with all the new updated drivers, but still no sound. Everything else works great.

    Was hoping there may be a gateway tech around to give me some insight to this. I guess the worst it could be is a bad mobo.
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    Same Problem

    I'M HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. I HAVE THE SAME COMPUTER AND TRIED THE METHODS YOU HAVE USED. HAVE YOU FOUND A SOLUTION? I've replaced the internal speakers as well, it didn't help. It must be a driver problem.
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