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Thread: System Problem

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    System Problem

    I had a lil water spill on my PC a while ago water got to my video card/PCI-E slot I got distorted image for a bit, then after I dryed the components everything was normal, then I got my 74gb raptor everything was good till yesterday when I got a valve update for CSS, the game started to act up, so I rebooted my PC when I got this "error loading operating sys", I logged in safe mode backed up what I needed and try to do a fresh install of my OS on the raptor, when while installing windows it asked to find cmprop.dll/cmprop/dl_ and iexplore.exe/iexplore.ex_ ... I dont really know what is the problem, should I get a new board? should I get a new OS CD?

    my sys:

    DFI Lanparty Ultra-D bios 3/10
    BFG 6600 GT OC
    Benq DW1620
    74gb raptor
    winnie 3000
    fortron bluestorm 500W

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    Were you overclocked? I'd recommend downclocking to stock before you install XP.
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    Always try installs more than once if you encounter problems.

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