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    Quote Originally Posted by Oni
    You need to do yourself a favour. Go to your local cinema. There, you should find a movie called Kung-fu Hustle. Purchase a ticket, sit down, and enjoy.

    It's such a great movie. It's got kung-fu AND hilarity!
    Awesome! I wanted to see this and worried that it sucked. I'd hate to spend $9 on crap

    YellowBeard.? That's on my list now. I love mel Brooks except for SpaceBalls and Blazing Saddles, hate those movies. Wholey Moses was a film that had Mel's people in it (Madeline Kahn, Dom DeLuise etc...) It was pretty dull. THANKS GUYS!!! I have over 400 DVDs and it never ceases to amaze me how much good stuff I still haven't seem

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    Has anybody seen Orgasmo? It's by the SouthPark guys.
    Yep, thats one screwed up film that I havent seen in a long while. Pretty funny actually, the South Park guys have some sorta facination with Mormons.

    You might want to try Dirty Work. It stars Norm McDonald and Artie Lange(now on the Howard Stern Show).

    If Norm's style of "acting" is something you can get into its a very funny film. A large chunk of the humor is Norm's sarcasm, and I thought it worked pretty well.

    Costars/cameos include, Chevy Chase, Chris Farley(his last film), Adam Sandler, John Goodman.
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    Chris farley!! i forgot all about him!

    Tommy boy
    Black Sheep
    Beverly Hills ninja
    And Almost heroes! ( that was his last movie, if i remember correctly )

    Chris farley and David spade was a match made in heaven!! those two together were one of the greatest comedy teams ever.
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    Ancorman yes... and The Ladies Man ... and Monty Pyton and the holy grail

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    Mel Brookes (sp?) is the greatest and i can believe you havent seen (or written) Spaceballs! its a parody of the ols star wars movies and is so funny. men in tights is great too but youv seen it already.
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    i dont know what youre talking about. team america was hard to get the first time u see it but if you watch it twice you see things youve never seen before. i think its hilarious as hell. only thing its like the most F words used in like any movie ever produced.

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    I hate spaceballs. I think I mentioned before that I did, and Blazing Saddles too.

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    Oh yea, King Pin. That one is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theMonster
    I need to watch a funny movie. I watched Taxi with Jimmy Fallon last night and it SUCKED. Anybody seen anything hilarious lately? I heard Team American wasn't that great.

    movies I think are funny: Young Frankenstein, History of the World, Robin Hood:Men in Tights, Patch Adams, Cannonball Run, American Pie

    movies that are SUPPOSED to be funny that I hate: Friday, South Park, all stoner films, Paulie Shore movies, anything by the Wayans Bros., anything with Ben Stiller in it
    Ever watch any of the old Montey Python skits? They are hilarious imo.

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    i am a big fan of Burt reynolds, his movies are awsome, Hooper, Stoker Ace, The Longest yard, etc
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