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    What do you do with your pentium classic system ?

    As stated-- every enthuiast has a pentium classic somewhere in their grasp, do you use it ? keep it around as a trophy piece ?

    I have a 200mhz HP, and it's got USB! - It's my wireless print server.

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    Mine is in a dumpster. The cpu is being sold.

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    No pent's left at my house. Oldest PC I have is my PII 400mhz that is used as a file server. I ditched all my Pentiums about a year ago. Had too many of them and not enough time to do anything with them. Just picked up a PIII to replace my fileserver.

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    I still have my old Celeron 333Mhz computer.

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    Don't have a Pentium systems but when i get a hold of an older rig its going to be used as a gateway/proxy/cache/firewall
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    its the open backyard rusting

    its a home for spiders, ants, etc

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    ^The trunk..
    I've got an old Penium P55C 166Mhz, using it as an FTP server
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    Smoothwall is always good.
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    Blowtorch the cpu and cut off the pins for a keychain

    Cut the motherboard up into beermats

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    I've given all my old stuff away.

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    Hmm, my first computer was an AMD K6 450 (Compaq Presario 5440, the reason why I wouldn't do my life all over again), I'll shut up now.
    I used to like PC's then I got a mac. Then I forgot how to use PC's and I feel stupider. I think its time to brush up on my computer skills.

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    my friend uses his 66mhz pentium one..

    worked surprisingly well

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    We gave our old 133 to my grandparents, though I think they are a bit scared to use it, so it just sits there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lincolnompa
    Hmm, my first computer was an AMD K6 450 (Compaq Presario 5440, the reason why I wouldn't do my life all over again), I'll shut up now.
    Speaking of first PC's....Mine was an IBM ps/1 386 sx 25Mhz with 2 Megs of ram on the MB. I purchased a 2MB upgrade chip for it and thought I was all that cause I had 4 Megs of memory to go along with my 40 MB hard drive. BTW...the memory chip was $200. Talk about times changing...

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    hah - the prize goes to the guy that's housing the insects

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    Netstumbling using a Motorola USB adapter attached to a 233MHz Pentium MMX.

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    gave it to this guy who couldn't afford a pc
    all other pentiums i get, i steal any fans in 'em then trash 'em
    oh, i also take the heatsinks off the procs
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