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    Anybody know where to buy a scanner cheap?

    I just moved and my nice HP scanner was a casualty of the move. I don't have a lot of $$ to spend on a scanner at the moment, so I'm looking for a cheap USB scanner.

    Anybody know where to get one cheap? Like no more than $30?
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    If you don't mind a feed based scanner, I bought 2 MultiFunction Brothers from officemax a couple months ago for under $60 after some rebates. They include the scanner, printer, copyer and fax machine. One ran out of ink, so we just went and bought another one. If you're interested, I'll sell you the one without ink for $30. I'm using one currently, and it's a great machine.

    Brother MFC-3220C

    Amazon has two used, both over $35. One has a broken printer head and error messages, one is empty and costs $60.

    It's like new in its origional box.

    Then again, this is all worthless if you're looking for a flatbed. =D
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