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    Possible to combine Waterblock with the resevoir?

    And all the available water just sits on top of the processor with the waterblock kinf of like the HSF kind of like a desktop case so it could be feasable.. Then to get rid of built up heat still have a pump to get the radiator to pump out the heat. I dunno, I don't do watercooling just thought I would throw an idea out for you guys.

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    wather is heavy,and thats alot of stress on the board, as well as possibly more stress on the walls of the res, and a leak where the water blocks are would be terrible. correct me if im wrong too, but isnt the big advantage of a res is ease of filling, a T line in this situation would be more room effective, easy to fill, and safe.

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    That would perform worse than a normal watercooling setup. The flow rate is very important in watercooling, and a setup like that would provide almost no flow. It isn't about how much water is sitting on the CPU at one time, it is about how much water you can pass over it in a given time.
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    yeah, flow rate is better than just water sitting there in a resivoir, because if you have water sitting there in an acrlic casing, its just getting warmer and warmer, and not really disapating any heat. its a good out of the box idea, but not one that would probably work unless the top CPU mounted water block resivoir would be made of copper and be also an active cooling area, like maybe a round dome with little spikes like the swiftech HSF, and then have the 2 barbs come in and out.

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