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    Continuous Uploading

    Okay, so I have optimum Online as my cable provider. Theyre not bad, just one little policy. You see, I am an avid user of Bit Torrent. And Optimum online (OOL) has a policy where you cannot upload continuously for too long. If you do, you are "flagged" and your upload is capped. So, after having a long talk with their "security" department, i was told that I need to pause the download every hour or two and have it resume in a few moments. By having that small gap, I can upload as much as I want, while still maintaining the service agreement. So here's my question, is there a program or a bit torrent client that does this for you. I pretty much need something that will pause my uploads for like a second, then resume them automatically. (I would do it manually, but....i dont want to.) Any ideas? Thanks!

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    yep, ABC. just change the Global Upload Setting. under "continue upload' you can choose a time span for it to upload before it stops.
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    yeah, but id like it to resume upload eventually. Is that possible? if i dont upload, will it lower my download?

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    I use ABC, here's the deal. The entire time you download, you also must upload, that's how it works, you actually have to pause the downloading to pause the uploading.

    What Spion is talking about is for seeding only. While you download, you also upload, no choice, after the file has COMPLETED, the global settings gives you 3 options:
    1. unlimited upload (continue to seed the file)
    2. continue to seed the file for X hours/minutes
    3. continue to seed until a X% UL/DL ratio has been reached

    I keep mine at: Continue to upload until 300% UL/DL ratio has been reached, since I like to give back to the community . it is recommended with BT files that you at least have a ratio of 100% since you should always give what you take and therefore BT's can exist.

    Anyway, to solve your problem, either continue to pause/resume your torrents, or find another ISP. I have road runner, I'm CONSTANTLY uploading to bit torrents, mIRC OmEnSerV, Kazaa Lite, FTP,, and general HTTP usage.

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