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    Are these temps normal?

    I recently went to water cooling my cpu and video card because heat was causing crashes while game playing. The cpu would rise to approximately 80-90 deg C and the video card as high as 106 F. With water the cpu is a cool 39 deg c while the video card still hovers around 106 F. Setup is danger den's cpu and 6800gt video cooler with 3/8 id tubing fed parallel with a generic 120gph pump that delivers around 60gph though both coolers equally. I have not setup a radiator yet. Total coolant (distilled water) is around 1.5 gallons. Temperature reading for the cpu are from the bios and from case sensors inserted between the video card and cooler ( yes, AFTER cooler was installed )Are these temps normal?

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    Are you saying your running a loop without a radiator?
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    That's correct. I just got it together tonight and ran it to check the temps. With a big reservoir I figured the temp wouldn't rise quickly

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    who really knows, every body here are running radiators in their loops, if you had only pump running and system off, the water temps would increase

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    True, temps would rise and never fall below the coolest running temp because you have no radiator to cool the water. Temps seem nice considering you have no radiator.
    I remember my first watercooling setup on the old T-Bird 1.2GHz machine i had. I started out with no radiator, and temps hit 62 degrees celcius before i shut it down. Of course, we're talking like 1998 or '99, when watercooling was in its infancy i guess.
    How do your temps look after 2 hours idle? 3 hours? 6 hours?

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    More coolant in the loop just means it takes longer to get to a steady state temperature, but it will get there eventually although you (or the cpu) may not like the temp. Unless your reservoir can act as a decent radiator (heat dissipation device), the water temps will keep on rising until the heat dissipation equals the heat absorbed from the cpu and gpu. Since most reservoirs are not good for heat dissipation, the water temperature must rise higher to compensate.

    Somehow, someway, you will be adding a radiator to this setup unless your heat output is about the same as my old celeron 300A. Sorry for the reality check.
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    It sounds like you have a kind of weak pump. The gph rating is not as important as the head rating in WC systems because without good pressure, you won't get good flow through block restrictions. Your general concensus here it that your CPU and GPU would be better off running in series and not in parallel. You can always go with a dual heatercore.

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