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    can i run these blocks in parrallel

    i have a swiftech 6002 and i was wondering if i could Y split it to my gpu and chipset, which is the mcw20 chipset and a maze 4 gfx block, or are those blocks to restrictive? im gonna be using a mcp650 pump and a dual 120mm fan heatercore. what do you guys think?

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    If you put your mcw6002 in series with "CircuitA" when CircuitA is your GPU and NB blocks in parrallel then thats fine if you dont care which block, NB or GPU, gets more flow.

    But do not but your MCW6002 in parrallel with anything.
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    personally, i would make the exit of the heater core go to the inlet of the CPU block then exit and go to the gpu, and then to the t-lin/heater core or resivoir.

    and as for cooling the NB i would just recommend one of the passive cooling Zalman heatsinks, ive heard with AS5 they perform just as well as a water block, and dont cause noise either.

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    if you want to run the chipset block, just keep it in series and go CPU > GPU > Chipset
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    Keep all of the blocks in series. Multiple rads MIGHT work better in parallel especially if you are using multiple 80mm BIM rads (they are restrictive compared to their cooling ability). I also question the usefulness of a NB waterblock compared to a good passive heatsink. If you use a NB block, make sure it is very low restriction.
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    yeah, returned the chipset block and got a zalman fanless chipset cooler, the blue one LOL

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