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    Temprature reading Negative

    computer temperature reading is negative.... -5 to -10 is that even possible. to have negative temprature !!??? i tried diffrent softwares but still temptrature is negative is that cause my motherboard is reading wrong or IS IT just Negative!!!

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    Most likley you are reading the wrong sensor.

    Yes, negativite temps are possible, but you need somehting that can cool to subzero.
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    are subzero temperatures good? or just as bad as hot temperatures?

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    for us overclockers, sub-zero temps are great, but you have to properly insulate to stop condensation from going everywhere
    btw, temp sensors are known to be horribly innacurate
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    you dont get negative temperatures with a hunk of aluminum and a fan. Otherwise we wouldnt need these expensive air conditioners for our houses and cars with these expensive compressor and radiator systems.

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    so i guess my motherboard is reading wrong or i should trt some other software ?

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    Temperature sensors are located at certain hardware 'addresses'. If the software you are using can't see, or read properly, these sensors you will get eronious readings. . . i.e. 'negative temperatures'. Make sure the software is compatible with your motherboard and CPU in order to get the correct readings. That is, if your system supports and/or has those sensors.

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