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    Corsair Pro memory vs. PT quick response needed

    Look here
    I here the only difference between XMS pro and regular XMS, is that XMS has those flashy lights on top. Looking at the price difference which one should I go with? I need a response fast! thank you

    Mobo - MSi x58 pro-e
    Processor - Intel Core i7 920
    Memory - OCZ Platinum
    Video Card - Radeon HD 5970
    Hard Drive - OCZ Vertex 60GB
    - 120GB SATA WD SATA
    PSU - 620W Corsair HX
    OS - Windows 7 Ultimate

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    Corsair brags about double the surface area on the heat spreaders for the pro series. Theoretically, that could lower the temperature differential between the spreaders and the air blowing over them by 30%. Whether or not that and some lights are worth $40 is really up to you.

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