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    Should I switch to this 64 bit setup???

    Im thinking about about switching to a 64 bit setup and now I have a combo of a AThlon 64 3000 with a ECS 755-A2 SIS 755 chipset at a good price. I just want to know should I jump into this over my current nforce2 an35n shuttle and amd mobile 2500 at 2.3mhz and 220 fsb. I mean at stock setup with little oc, would the athlon 64 setup be as good or better??? Thansk so much

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    The system in my sig is pretty close to yours as far as cpu power and motherboard performance goes (AN35 wooo!).

    My friend got a 3000+ with a DFI NF4 board and an X700Pro (fairly comparable if not a bit slower than a 9800Pro/XT).

    At stock speed he gets 15,000 3dmarks (2001) and 6450 3dmarks(2003) while with all my stuff at the speed you see in my sig I get 16550 (2001) and 6443 (2003).

    Basically, without overclocking his system one bit, it is pretty much at the same level as mine. With some overclocking (and these chips have a LOT of overhead) performance should far surpass mine.

    Now you are in a bit of a different situation because it seems you have gotten a 754 cpu and motherboard, and the 754s probably aren't at the same overclocking/performance level, although after overclocking it is probably a bit faster than your current shuttle setup.

    If you already have the combo then go ahead and install it. If you don't I would save up a little more and get a Venice 3000+ and a nice Nforce4 board.

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    In my opinion I don't think you should switch, because the setup you have right now seems to have quality parts and good performance, and to switch with an ECS mobo with a sis chipset which you would probably replace later is not good in my opinion. Keep what you have now and save for something of better quality.

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    na dont do it ur money and wait a while

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    SiS = sucks....always has and always will.

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    Ok ..thanks so much all. I guess it's just the feeling of "athlon 64" I guess. Never tried it out so I guess I will put it in and run it for a week just for the heck of it anyways, but I have a feeling I will stay with my current setup until the prices fall or something better comes along. Thank you!

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