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    Problem Connecting though cable modem

    I want to connect directally through cable modem to internet, my problem is every time I am doing I get something like Limited to connectivity.

    It works fine when I connect through cable modem, router, for some reason works fine when it is in networks setup

    I tried installing USB drives for the cable modem but when I did and connect cable modem to laptop through USB I got same message Limited to connectivity.

    I know it suppose to work becasue on the old laptop I could do that, just the new one doesn't want to connected to the internet directly through cable modem.

    I have latest ethrnet drives installed

    any help solving this would be appreciated

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    Did you power cycle the modem after connecting directly to it?

    And what do you mean connect USB harddrive to modem?

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    your modem probably isnt getting a new IP address. so plug the ethernet into the comp you want to connect to and unplug the modem from power for a few seconds and plug it back in. tn the modem does its thing and tests and updates the ip, then the comp should be able to get the ip and dns settings from the modem.

    I know that i have to power cycle my modem to renew the ip.
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