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    Good lord these things are getting massive

    When i bought my SLK-800 back in the day my initial impression was "Holy hell that thing is big!"

    But i just got my new XP-90C in the mail...and, well...HOLY HELL THAT THING IS BIG!

    How much bigger can they get without needing the assistance of a crane??

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    XP-120 is much bigger, but lighter. Hyper-6 and new 120mm towers are huge, compared to XP-90C.
    Things will get really massive when BTX becomes popular.

    btw, congratulations - you've bought great heatsink.

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    The truth?? You can't handle the truth!!
    Oh yes they can get bigger... much bigger link:

    Yeah you have bought a great heatsink there and Ven0m spoke the truth they do have bigger ones
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    heh, what about the sonic tower? I saw that in it was big

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    Quote Originally Posted by SewerBeing
    Oh yes they can get bigger... much bigger link:

    Yeah you have bought a great heatsink there and Ven0m spoke the truth they do have bigger ones
    man i want that soooo bad! Its huge!!

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    Yes sir the XP120 is a monster, if it were heavy my socket would clearly be ripped off the mobo .
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