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    Can't start Knoppix XServer

    I get up to the point where it says Starting X Server... terminate at the end of session... whatever it is that part of the information says (the text right before x server is started).

    Startup commands: "knoppix screen=800x600 depth=16"

    I'm trying to start Knoppix so I can use qtparted, but you cannot run it if xserver is not running.

    However, when I try starting knoppix, it says:

    Retrying with XFree86(vesa)...
    Retrying with XFree86(fbdev)...
    No suitable X-Server found for your card.

    The computer im trying to run it on:
    amd k6-2 333mhz
    aopen ax59pro (via mvp3 chipset)
    192mb ram
    Diamond Viper V770 32mb (nvidia tnt2)
    monitor: Gateway2000 CrystalScan 1024NI

    Knoppix detects the video as:
    Video is RivaTnT2[NV5], using XFree86(nv) Server.
    Monitor is Generic Monitor, H:28.0-96.0kHz, V:50.0-75.0Hz
    Using Modes "800x600","640x480"

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    I'm not sure if Knoppix has nvidia support - try putting nv or nvidia in as the card driver in /etc/X11/xorg.conf
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    I tried doing that through the expert config. XServer started, but the display was corrupt/out of sync.

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    press ctrl + alt + + that'll cycle to the other modes (640x480 may work)!
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    I've never seen any system vesa did not work on.

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