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    Screen brightness

    Is there a way to adjust how bright/dark the screen is when you are using battey power? Mine kinda goes to dark when I am using the battery and is annoying.


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    you should have a function key on your laptop like Fn or something like that...

    hold that key down and try the up/down arrows or pgup/pgdwn keys.

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    You probably can adjust it in your powermanagement settings as well. Not the direct brightness setting but configuring it that when you use the battery it'll still use the brightness setting you used on normal power. My vaio can do it anyway..

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    mine remembers where it's set.

    IE: Plug in the wall power and turn the brightness all the way up. Now unplug the wall power and turn the brightness down three notches. Now when I plug the AC back In the brightness goes up, when i unplug it the brightness goes back down 3 notches. As long as the "Dim screen on dc" is selected it remembers these settings until i change them again.

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    The dell I have has different settings for brightness for battery and AC in the setup. The one for battery is darker by default but can be changed. So maybe you'll find the same in the setup of yours.

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    Just look inthe functions keys for any symbols. Most of the tme you can use fn+ the relavant function keys to adjust the brightness or otehr wise check your battery powered profiles. Normaly there wil be few power profiles in teh notebooks. In TOSHBA you'll find them as Powerpoint presentation profile, dvd movie profile...etc. That means in each mode they have done some adjusment tot he pwoer settings. BTW what is your laptop brand and the model so we can give more info abt it.

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