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    Making Custom Power Cables

    Hey all, I have a Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU, but the cables are really ****ing me off. So I got to thinking, Since they use regular female moxel connectors at the PSU, why not make my own, correct length cables?!

    So Ive been making a Excel chart to figure out how many of each type of connectors I need, but Im not sure how much wire I should order? FrozenCPU has 18ga. wire, and Im pretty sure thats the right gauge?

    It looks like has everything I will need, or is there somewhere else I should order from?


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    go for it man, sounds like a cool project.
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    Yes, making your own custom wiring harness is definitely the way to go.

    Use 18ga wires, except for things like small fans and floppy connector. Those
    will be just fine with 22ga.

    To measure, use some pieces of string and run them where you want your wires to go.
    Always order a few feet extra, It's cheap enough. Better to have too much than too little.
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