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Thread: minor annoyance

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    minor annoyance

    i often type the address into firefox for ocforums, and half the time, i get some Totally Bogus Search page. its not a matter of misspelling or typos, as its happened when ive used extreme care while typing it in.
    probably about 40-50 % of the time now this happens, and its been more and more frequent.
    the only thing i can think of is someone trying for some extra web traffic, and if thats the case, it seems like its a bit shady, so i wanted to give a headsup.

    the address is :

    (pop up blockers & security software on!)

    it says "welcome to - notice the MISSPELLING even when the address is typed correctly into the browser.

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    I spy a misspelling on your part :-P
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    Even so, fourms is not a word. Either that is a holding place for yet another pron site to be or it is a former pron site. Why they do that I don't know but when the .xxx tld opens up (if Icann ever pulls the buttplug out and admits that they ought to have done that years ago), then someone can open up and every other concievable variation all they want and we all will know to only go there if that is what you are really after,

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    Edit: malphine, oh, no!.... "my overclocked (whatever) is giving me problems, and runs too hot for comfort, so before i start getting burns..."
    oh, so much badness, i dont even want to think about it...yikes!
    at least the stupid factor is decreased by the .xxx...

    meh. i dunno... - is not =
    ocfourms -is not =
    seems theres money in misspellings, because its one of those bogus search engine thingies that pollute the net now...i wish people would find another way to make money off me...

    its happened again, and i was looking at it, seems to be something with autocomplete and guessing for the name, ive turned it off, so one can manually enter addresses without FF second-guessing what is typed in and giving you something bogus from some list of ""if this is typed in, yeild this as a result" sort of things,...
    i guess thats how its done, but im not sure... and since that diddnt really work-

    i allso adblocked the heck out of teh bogus site just now with wildcards and all and now what pops up even when i put in the address of the bogus site???
    OCforums! thats a nice little course reversal...
    so i guess if anyone else gets this issue, ive found the solution that works...
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    It has happened to us before. and (the second was an old addy for the forums) have both been pron sites in the past. I checked them both out before typing this message to make sure they were safe and oddly enough the old forums addy looks like it is another of the same services that you found looking for the forums before. Weird.

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