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    Winchester heatspreader question...

    Has anyone removed the heatspreader (on top) of an A64 3000 or similar Winnie? I wondered if it is a crimp fit or thermal-epoxyied on. Even after re-seating, re-applying Artic Silver 5, and checking the faces of the speader, and HS with a dial indicator (pretty flat) I still think my temps seem a bit high. Usually around 40c idle /45c load at CPU, system is cool @ 26c/31c. Even cranking up the fan controller to" helicopter" setting doesn't help too much. I'd like to check the fit and thermal paste between the die, and spreader, but don't want to risk damaging the core. I remember when we had to lap the die to get them flat.

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    Here's a couple of things to look at

    Bewarned though, it's very easy to kill the processor with the IHS off, I've done it

    I have a Neo2/Winnie 3000 running at 2.2Ghz. Before loading the 1.8 BIOS it too gave hight CPU temps. With the 1.8 BIOS it shows 30C idle. What vCore are you running at?
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    I took mine off and increased my overclock 50 mhz and dropped my temps like almost 5 degrees under load.Be careful the core is extremly delicate and will smash very easily.

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    It's hard to get IHS back on it's place right the way it used to be on it. Well, not hard to place it on, but hard to get a good contact with IHS and die.
    I removed the IHS from my old 3500+ NewCastle, tried to put it back with seweral different ways without satisfying result so I leave it be without it.

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    Thanks all

    Thanks for the feed back. That rubbery looking material is RTV, which I am familiar with from work(no need to dissect it now).The problem now seems to be a bad seat between the IHS, and the HS/F due to too much AS5. Never had any issues on other systems but this one is on 24/7 and Artic Silver 5 actually needs to be cycled (on/off) to spread, and cure properly....duh, live and learn.
    Well, I already see a noticable difference just in 2 days...cpu is @ 32-33c now.
    As I keep telling my daughter.." When all else fails read the directions."

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    I actually thought about lapping my heatspreader, because it seemed like the corners were somehow raised up slightly. After i saw my temp readings, though, I decided not to. i barely break 34c at full load.

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    Voltage is your friend

    Wow, after re-doing the AS5 (as per the directions) I was able to bump the Vdimm,and Vcore up and still boot XP.
    Prime is stable_3D Mark03 completes_Super Pi mod 1.4 is stable.
    Have a Ghetto-mod 13" fan cooling the box while I make up a custom rack for a dimm/chipset fan.
    Vdimm @ 2.85v
    Vcore @ 1.53v
    CPU @ 36c
    2460 (273 x 9) Still on 2T need to try 1T now
    Now I know I can go higher

    One odd thing though: I can't seem to get to Boot Menu (F11) to try Memtest with the ver. 1.8 BIOS
    Thanks again.

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