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Thread: my folding rig

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    my folding rig

    ok, ill do it for ocforums, my Dual Xeon 3.2GHz machine with 8gigs of ram and a Supermicro motherboard will now be folding for team 32 as soon as I get home to set it up.

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    For maximum ppd, you must run only 3 instances of FAH. Max ppd on an Intel duallie is attained by running one QMD WU, one Big WU, and one Tinker. Below are the setup instructions to make this happen:
    1. Use Wedo's quad -adv install. Download it, disconnect from the internet, install it.
    2. Run services.msc, disable the service for FAH4.
    3. Instance 1 should be set -adv/big so edit the file FAH1/client.cfg with notepad to change bigpackets=no to bigpackets=yes.
    4. Instance 2 edit client.cfg same as instance 1.
    5. Edit the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\FAH2\Parameters\AppParameters to remove the -advmethods flag.
    6. Edit the regisrty entry for instance 3 same as instance 2.
    7. Edit the file FAH3/client.cfg to change [clienttype] type=1 to type=2
    8. Reconnect to the internet and start the FAH1, FAH2, and FAH3 services or reboot.

    This will have you running a QMD (p191x), a Big Gromac (p114x, p13xx, p147x), and a Tinker (p1152). You should produce around 650 ppd on average. Memory bandwidth on Intel duallies in insufficient to fold more than one QMD which is the reason for the complicated set up for max ppd.

    All ppd from friends and family. Many thanks to HayesK for his support and congrats on being the #1 Folder on Team 32. Special thanks to ChrisC and ColinC

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    hmm ok, i will set it up that way.

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