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    Question Live CD for Old Computer?

    Hi Guys,

    A buddy of mine has an old computer that he's running Win 98 on.

    Are there any Distros that have a Live CD, for old computers like his.

    I believe he only has 64 mb sdram. The reason I ask is, his kids keep loading up his system with Viruses and junk and I'm tired of re-loading Windows for him.

    He said he just surfs and checks emails, so I suggested trying a live disk.

    But I'm not sure which live distros, will work on old systems.

    Are there any?

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    just use knoppix but boot to fluxbox/icewm instead

    or you could use dsl
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    I would recommend DSL for a slow computer, but unfortunately every time I have tried to use it I could not configure my network, which works flawlessly in every single other Linux distro I have used. I suspect this may be due to DSL having poor DHCP support because that is my method of connection. If your friend has DHCP he is welcome to try DSL, but I would recommend other distros to start with. Knoppix, as fiji said, is a good starting point as the definitive Live CD.

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    puppy linux is good,..... comes with all your media codecs and everything preconfigured and installed to.... and it is smooookin fast even on old hardware

    if he wants to actually install linux... minislack is fast on old hardware

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    So many live versions out there...who would know where to begin.... There are some links at the bottom, and descriptions throughout the post. Hope you enjoy.

    SAM- SAM is a very good live version of Linux! I use it whenever I get a chance. ; It has the docking toolbar at the bottom of the screen(Like MacOS and Enlightenment Environment)) It also has an excellent control center, where you can modify every component of the system. It is a Mandriva-based distribution(Mandriva=Formally Mandrake) It can be installed on the hard drive.
    P.S. The root password is ROOT.

    SLAX- SLAX is another very good distribution of Linux. I don't use this one as often, although it is still very good. It comes with the K Desktop Environment(KDE) It also has lots of enjoyable games. It is more of a distribution for fun, rather than actual work, because of all the games. Don't get me wrong, it still has some great tools. It is Slackware-based, and also has a great adminstration panel.

    BERRY- I have to admit...I haven't used Berry Linux that much, although I have heard some great things about it.

    PUPPY- Puppy Linux is an excellent alternative to the other live distributions. It doesn't come with a docking toolbar, and doesn't even come with KDE or GNOME. It comes with a different environment, which is part of the X-Window Environment. It has the look and feel of a Windows 98 toolbar, but has the ease of use that LInux has. It is another great distro to try, even if you don't use it often. It can also be installed on a hard drive.

    UBUNTU- The hard disk version of Ubuntu is great, and so is the live version. It comes with some great applications to get you started, and automatically detects an Ethernet Network cable in the back. The only downside to this version, is that it takes ten minutes to boot up, because of all the tests at the beginning. You can get the CDs for free, so why not try it?

    Sam Linux
    Slax Linux
    Berry Linux
    Puppy Linux
    Ubuntu Linux

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    Any Knoppix-based live CD will probably do fne so long as you pass cheatcodes to it when booting to use a lighter GUI than KDE. You'd just type one of these in at the inital prompt.


    knoppix desktop=fluxbox
    knoppix desktop=icewm!
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    Not knowing the specs of this 'old' pc, but with 64mb, I'm guessing a P2, 266-400mhz, with a 'slow' cd rom. A live distro of any sort, no matter which window mgr used, is going to be 'SLOW' Suggesting a live distro for browsing and email, is just a 'bandaid', on the 'real' problem of his kids using the pc and doing 'whatever'. IMO, this father, needs to lay down the law on pc usage. /end rant

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    Slax has an option to boot into fluxbox. It's great for older computers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkaine23
    Any Knoppix-based live CD will probably do fne so long as you pass cheatcodes to it when booting to use a lighter GUI than KDE. You'd just type one of these in at the inital prompt.


    knoppix desktop=fluxbox
    knoppix desktop=icewm
    Thank you. Giving Knoppix a try on my old equipment.
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    I've really been impressed by the DSL LiveCD.

    Its small, yet has most software packages you'll need, and is very fast. If not DSL, I vote Knoppix with fluxbox.

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