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    psu is squicking

    it just constantly makes this beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep noise anyone else has this problem? i have a 400W psu. and here is my system

    p4 3.2 ghz 540
    512 mb ram with heatsinks
    radeon 9800pro @ zalman vf700cu
    160 gb hd
    3 zalman 80mm case fans

    maybe the psu is overloaded? plz help me if u have a sollution

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    and its not the fan in the psu. because when i scroll. the beep-sound is different

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    Are you sure it isn't sort of a high pitched whine? It sounds like your power supply is on it way out, replace it ASAP.
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    but i just replaced it its a brand new psu. its a tybolt psu. 400W is enough for my system i think.

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    I am not familiar with a 'tybolt' brand power supply, but it likely can't actually make anything like 400W. While it is true that a top-quality (and conservatively rated) 400W power supply could run your machine, the numbers on the side of the box don't mean much. You can infer by the difficulty this supply has in running your machine that it is over-rated. I would consel replacing it with a quality supply like the AX500-A Fortron.
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    A good power supply will provide overhead above its rated power. Tom's Hardware has some articles that show how supplies like Antec, Fortron and others can well exceed their rated wattage as well as perform well in all other areas. They actually push the PSU as high at it or their test rig will go and try to force it to shut down.

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