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    which motherboard?

    im not too educated on motherboards so im wondering which i should get i know ive asked before but im a bit skeptical about epox from some of the threads ive read. its gotta be s939 pcie hopefully good for the future (X2's etc) so any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. #2 this one doesnt look too bad and its in my price range. any cons? and it says Sata II. can i use a sata 150 drive?

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    I would go with the Epox 9NPA+ Ultra before the AN8 Ultra. The AN8 has issues with 1T command rate. I don't know why you would be skeptical about the 9NPA+Ultra, it's a fantastic board and I haven't heard much complaints about it at all from users. Look at all the reviews from end users at newegg, the fact that it won Anandtechs Gold Editors Choice Award and it's price tag is nice as well. The Epox also has SATAII (nF4 Ultra support) and is backward compatible with SATA150.
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    Abit makes some nice boards. SATA 150 will work fine. You may also want to look at the DFI.

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    ok i guess im just skeptical because i would hate to buy a board thats not worth the money. ill be checking out the epox. thanks!

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    Abit's 939 boards are all certified to be X2 dual core compatible.
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    OK, here i am again, im startin to feal like a gigabyte rep which im not...

    This board isn't trash i can tell ya that..

    nf4, sli, sata 2 and a bunch of goodies to go with it..i havent heard anything but you cant super overclock it but it is overclockable..

    also a 64 x2 compatable.
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