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    PSU required is??

    Guys i will be running a AMD 3500+(Venice Core) on a

    ABIT AN8 ULTRA NVIDIA NF4 Ultra Chipset DDR PCI Express SATA RAID Nvidia Firewall 1394 7.1 Audio

    running 1 gig of Hynix Dual Channel pc3200, graphics card will be:

    HIS RADEON X800 IceQ II TURBO 256meg GDDR3 memory - 910MHz (Turbo) HDTV and DUAL DISPLAY.

    Basically no idea on case and PSU was gonna go with a thermaltake soprano case which has a 430w PSU

    So if anyone can advise would be much appreciated.


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    If you can afford it I would pick up a PowerStream520. From personal experience I love it with the adjustable rails and the beefy 33A on 12v rail. This psu let me OC my 6800 from 340/770 to 360/870 compared to my old psu; not to mention handle my venice.
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    Names like Seasonic, Fortron, Zippy, OCZ, Sparkle, and PC Power and Cooling are usually on the recommended power supply list.

    What we need from you is what you are looking to spend, whether or not you care about noise, and if you want fancy features or not.

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    I never really like my soprano. Go with a shark or a Lian-Li.
    As for PSU's stay away from Antec True Control. If you can get an OCZPowerstream

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    PowerStream 520. You get the glitz and glamour, and you also get the performance, but you don't get the sticker shock that goes along with the pricetag of units that give you both.

    33amps on the 12+ rail, 40amps on the 5.5+ rail, 28amps on the 3.3+ rail. It's sleeved, it's got a titanium finish that's better than some show cars, it has adjustable rails, it runs cool, and it's quiet. In other word it's a performance piece of hardware meant for an OCF member!

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    your 430 will power your system, it's thermaltake, so it's better than powmax.....

    u can get powerstream 520w for like 94 bux, look in cyber deal section, i believe it was posted today.

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