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    How can I tell if my ABIT KG7-RAID board is faulty?

    Hey guys. I have recently purchased all the parts to build a new system, but after putting it all together, I can't get it to post at all. I have a KG7-RAID, 1.4 Athalon, Enermax EG465P-VE FC Whisper power supply, and 2 Micron 256MB DDR Ram chips. The harddrive, video card, etc are all old ones from my old machine. My problem is that when I power up, it won't post. I can't even get an error beep from the speaker.

    My question is, if I remove EVERYTHING from the board (CPU, Memory, cards, fans, etc) and just leave power, speaker, and power switch, shouldn't the speaker beep to state that there is a problem when I power the system up?

    I don't have any real way to tell if my cpu or my board is the problem. I have tried some of the other things I have seen mentioned on this and other forums, such as leaving it unplugged for 10 minutes and trying again, or power cycling it multiple times. But as of yet, nothing is working. I think I have a bad board, but I want to know for sure before I go through all the trouble of sending it back.

    Thanks for any help!

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    to see if your mobo is faulty try to run the puter with only the most necessary parts(that would be 1 stick of ram, video card and cpu). if it doesn't post with this setup i think your mobo is the problem.

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    The first thing I always do when I build a new system is to reset the CMOS. If it still won't boot, check, and re-check the connections from your power switch, power supply, etc.

    Do you get any power at all?

    Just some ideas,


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