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    Is laptop RAM backwards compatible?

    Hello, I am going to upgrade the ram in my laptop from 512MB (2x256) to 1 gb. The RAM i have now is cas 3 pc2700. Is pc3200 ram backwards compatible? It is a about the same price and I figure i might as well buy faster ram in case i want to use it in my other system later. what do you think?


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    I think it is, but I am not sure.
    I will google it.
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    Should be

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    py pc2700 is running at 2100, so i dont see why your 3200 wouldnt run 2700. it should be fine, unless your specific laptop is a booger. and i believe there are a few that are, check the service manual for your specific one if you can find it. also a post in the laptops section might yield more results.
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    all ram that is of the same type (ie DDR DDR2, SDram) is backwards compatible. The system will just downclock it.

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