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    Intel CPU capable of highest speed


    I bough a Vapochill and but nothing to put in it yet. I am pretty much an Intel man, I looked at x2 as an option since the vapo has a socket 939 kit installed but wouldnt easily buy an AMD.

    Bear in mind that Im willing to pay when it comes to building this system.

    What Intel chip in general reach the highest speeds with ultimate performance, if a Dual core 830 can do 4Ghz on the Vapo Ill proppably buy that but Im looking at the following:

    3.6Ghz 660 with 2mb
    3.8Ghz 570 with 1mb
    Extreme edition 3.46Ghz with 2mb l3

    which one?

    I like 2mb cache and EMT64 of the 660, the loads of cache and 1066FSB of the 3.46, but the 3.8 is cheapest and is obviously the best prescott cores selected by Intel.

    Has anyone hit 4.5Ghz with one of these and which one is most likely to do 4.5Ghz?

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    The 660 has seen some awesome speeds. I have seen some that run 5+ ghz under phase.
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    660 as well here, seeing they hit 4.0 on good air, and 4.5 on good water.

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    Thanks guys, 660 sounds good. I like the extra cache and EMT64, running at 4.5Ghz+ that sounds good to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimedog
    I didnt even know of the existance of a 670! LOL I though you were making a joke until n googled it

    670 it shall be if I can find one at a good price

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    X2 4400+. Especially since money doesn't seem to be a concern, this is an option you should DEFINITELY be looking into.

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    well to get the 670 your looking at a fairly high cost just for the cpu. Its just one good option. Weigh that in against a few hundred more for a pentium duel core with hyperthreading (4 logical processors). Ocing that thing would make for one heck of a machine. Or an X2 is another option; however, the fabled fx 57 could be one as well. Theres alot of great cpu's to be had if you got the money.

    Although, to get the highest mhz speed i'm unsure of the answer but probably is the 670.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gautam
    X2 4400+. Especially since money doesn't seem to be a concern, this is an option you should DEFINITELY be looking into.
    I was goign to guys have some DEEP pockets!

    It seems like people are hitting over 4ghz with the 830's on custom h20.
    Example 1

    Example 2

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