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    A8N-SLI Deluxe northbrige fan not working

    how do i take it off to put a new one on?

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    Bend plastic studs/pins in back (the ones with springs) so they slide through the holes. Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom.


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    From the rear of the board, find the two plastic pins that hold on the sink. Squeeze the prongs of one pin together and pop it thru the board, repeat for second pin.

    I found I could perform this task with fingernails (required effort), if you use tools be very careful not to scratch the mobo as you could break a trace and kill the board.

    If you find a plasticlike shield on the bottom of the sink, pull it off and use it between the chipset and your new sink.

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    yea it is not coming out i pushed the one pin in and the the otherone on the other side and it is not coming

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    I just took a pair of pliers and bent the plastic pins (from the underside of the board) back and forth until they broke. Then I popped the fan off and cleaned the NB with some rubbing alcohol, let it dry and installed the replacement. It took a bit of force and watch out for all the pins on the bottom as I scratched my hand to the point it was bleeding. No pain, no gain, right?

    Unfortunately the new chipset fan doesn't respond to SpeedFan or Q-fan so I have just bought a Zalman NB47J. Though I am going to wait until I get my X2 to minimize the times I have to take the mobo out of the case.

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    I removed my chipset fan without taking the mobo out the case. Just got hold of the top of the plastic pins and pulled with a pain of pliers. Bit of force and they just broke in 1/2.

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