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    Question Good A64 3000+ Venice temps?

    I have recently got a A64 3000+ Venice. My last cpu (duron 1.2) idled around 54c, so I dont know what is good or bad.

    My current set-up has a built in airduct on the side of the case that pipes cool air over the HSF. 3 80mm case fans, and the PSU has a 120mm fan on the bottom of the PSU. I am also using the stock HSF.

    My CPU currently idles around 34c (OCed to 2001MHz), case temp is usually around 32c. I am doing a Torture test with Prime95, current ambiant room temp is 24c, case 29, and the CPU under 100% load for an hour has been at 41c for about 45 mins now.

    Is this good temps? I want to do some more OC'n, and am slowly learning the hows of OCing.
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    yeah it s look ok for the retail heat sink with default vcore
    anythings under 50c is ok for me in air overclocking of venice
    don t go over 1.6 vcore and u will be safe remember to watch your temp
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    Thats not bad... My Winnie used to be somewhere around 50's (when it was still aircooled) I guess you are in a safe zone.

    I think the A64 stock HSF is really a pretty decent piece of equipment which does it's job pretty well. I think also that stock HSF is just enough for learning how to OC as long as you keep your eye on your temps.

    Temps should not rise too much above 50C. (At least my winnie's temp limit for stability is somewhere around 55C@2600Mhz.)

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