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    Cross-pollination thinking...

    Actually, cross pollination

    is probably not the phrase I'm looking for but the idea is, using different ideas from one discipline to improve another:

    It gets me so angry to see the industry that caters to making visual aids lag so badly behind say the computer and peripheral market. My 85yo Mum is trying to make use of something called an "Aladdin video magnifier", to get around vision loss due to macular degeneration but it's B&W and screen size is only 12" and, frankly - it's cumbersome and cheaply constructed and over $1300 USF. Here's an idea of what it looks like:

    These days the LCD screens for computers are dropping down in price to around $300 cdn for a crisp 17". Why can't a simple composite LCD screen be adapted to work with her system to give her much better results?

    Anyone have any input on the difficulty of such a project and possible pitfalls? Thanks all!


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    well, i do tech support at my univertiy and we work with people with disabilities. We actually have MANY of those units. There are newer ones that you plug you own moniter into, and can use whatever VGA one you want. I imagine they arent cheap though.

    I would try to get her on the comp and to use the software called "supernova" from dolphin. Best screen magnifying software out there.

    But then again, these are techie forums, and people like to build things....But i think if you open that up, you wont find anything to change as i dont believe its even a TV or anything. i think jsut a magnification.

    Just my thoughts.

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