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    Sunon 120x38mm running on 5v?

    Like the title says. Can I run the fan off 5 volts? If not will 7 volts work? I have it mounted on my modded Raidmax Storm case and it gets pretty loud. I need to quiet it down some.

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    Sunons, as a rule, don't undervolt well, so without knowing the model number I'd guess that it wouldn't run at either 5v or 7v. However, it might work at 9v.

    On the top of the main cooling page is a link for "all fan manufacturers" or something like that. Follow the Sunon link and see if they provide the detailed specs for the model you have. Or, you can just feed it 5v/7v and see if it will start.

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    I run 2 Sunoon 120 x 38 fans with my BIX2 they are hooked to a sunbeam fan controller and run fine at low volts. Nice and quiet and get the job done.

    model number: KD1212pmb1-6A.

    I think i got them from
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    i think i'll just get a fan controller. i've looked at the pcmods and sunbeam controllers. does anyone have experience with the pcmods controller? would it be a good idea to mount a fan near them to blow fresh air onto the mosfets?

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