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    Reliable jump drive suggestions?

    Story time... a friend of mine had a Sandisk jump drive which failed pretty catastrophically... and bought another, which failed within a year... and then bought a Verbatum which failed within a month (luckly, there was a warantee replacement), which lead to another Verbatum which is still going, but less than 6 months old.

    My Sandisk is about a year old... and just failed catastrophically tonight. Copying data lead to "cannot read from drive"... Ok... unmount (which it did), reboot... stick drive back in... "partition table corrupt"... try to format... "IOCTR command fail"... google... "jump drive is junk"... GRRRRR

    Ok, can anybody suggest a jump drive that DOESN'T die in about a year!?!?! Seriously though, I want the most reliable jump drive companies of today so I can make an educated purchasing decision...
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    I use this:

    It has been in my wallet for 2 years and i use it about everyother day. The holder that it comes with is completley trashed but the stick it self works great and is the smallest I have seen.

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    Strange. I've got a 512MB Sandisk Cruzer Micro that has held up very well. The write speed is kind of pokey, but I've run it through the washing machine twice and it survived, data intact. I think your failures show it isn't really endemic to one brand or another. Luck is a prerequisite no matter what the endeavor, and it appears you haven't benefitted from it with respect to flash drives.
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