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    strange problem, windows reset to default, then died

    i have a friend who is using a dell thats a few years old. all he really uses it for is music, internet, word, and maybe a few games at most. so recently he says that one night after shutting down like normal, when he turned it back on again, windows xp loaded as if it had just been installed. everything back to default. so he reverted it to two days prior and it was fine, but this happened like the next two times or so he rebooted, and he again reverted to a few days prior. however, now windows wont load at all for him and it just locks up. im going to be going over to check it out sometime, but i thought i would consult the forums first, since ive never really heard of anything like this happening before. advice?

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    :I wonder out loud:
    Does this have one of those OEM rescue partitions. If so, maybe look into whether or not the boot.ini is pointing to that...long shot. But I have never heard of this precise problem either.
    I was going to edit my list of computers...but at this point it would look more like a spreadsheet. Let's just say; I've got one of those too.

    I must have a problem with all of my Windows machines...they never seem to crash.

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