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    Friends PC is acting up

    Hi my friend got a whole lot of viruses on his computer and so he reformatted it like most people that can't get rid of everything. (or if they dont know much about PC's they go out and buy another one ) anywho his computer ran World of warcraft just fine before he reformatted and now after the reformat it lag's like crazy. I told him to install chipset driver, video driver, etc. he did that. It still lags. (hmm i think) We made sure that /hardware acceleration was turned all the way up... still lags. I think maybe his video card is messed up but im not a profesional so what do you guys think?

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    Upgrade all of windows patches?

    The problem with reinstalling is you dont always remember all the tweaking you did over the course of the install. He might have just changed a setting somewhere or installed a special patch/driver that made things run smoother.

    Try running slightly order vid drivers. Sometimes newest isnt always the best. Make sure that the NIC drivers are new and updated. If its Via chipset make sure it has the 4-in-1 drivers installed. Make sure the monitor drivers are installed. Sure it might not seem like much but info is transmitted to the card about refresh rates and such.

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    specs im not sure.. he's not even tottaly sure but i know he has a P4 1.5ghz PC800 ram im not sure how much and fx5600 thats all ive got

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