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    Antec TP-550..anyone have these probs?

    So I got this new PSU, hoping it'll fix some recent stability problems right..not to mention I have another comp that has no psu, so now I can run two comps. Anyway

    So SmartGuardian is reporting 11.77 on the 12v, 3.24v on the 3.3. These are kinda low aren't they?

    Now another thing..I plugged in all my fans, (2 case 80mm case fans in the back that are plugged into a fan controller), (1 120mm fan infront that is in the front, that has a hdd power plug), two other fans that have hdd power plugs (these came with the case), and then 1 last card fan that also has a plug for hdd.

    So basically, 4 hdd fans, and 2 that can plug into the mobo, but are in a fan controller.

    So anyway, the 4 hdd fans seem kinda weak. 1 isn't even working, the slot fan is so dim and barely spinning, even on full blast, etc..and I'm wondering what is going on ? Is it because I tried to st ack a few of th em on each "fan only" connector on the psu? should it be actually running all hese? I thought 550 would be able to kick ass on this

    well my suspecion was right..I plugged all 4 into each other on one real hdd power connector.. and they're all humming and spinning. I noticed that on the "fan only" connectors, there's only two metal prongs inside..wonder what is up with that?

    Am I running any danger, plugging them all into 1 strip? because it's also that strip that plugs into fan controller as well.. I'm guessing no, but doesn't hurt to ask.
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    I think that PC has a feature on its "fan" connectors that automatically run the fans in silent mode until the computer gets up to a certain temperature. You probably don't want to run your fans on the fan only connectors for that reason.

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    I built a system using one of the Truepower II 550's and the Antec P180 case. I also noticed that when plugged into the "fan only" connectors they barely spun.

    However, I was hurrying to finish the build and never experimented with them being plugged into the fany only connector for a long period of time.

    Are you saying that even after running long enough to get up to temp, the PS never increases their speed?

    On the P180 case it could be a problem since the PS would have never gotten warm seeing that it's in a separate lower chamber with the big 120x38mm fan blowing on it.

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    Your rails seem fine, I never trust readings off software anyways, the only way to know if your PSU is fine, is actually testing them with a volt meter, heres the guide. I was getting the exact same readings in windows, it said 11.7 for mine, but later found out it was 11.98 under full load. Heres the guide:
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    yeah, the software monitoring on my tpII 550 always reads 11.71 on my dfi boards but a dmm shows 11.99v. same with the 5 and the 3.3v. never trust software reads.

    as for the "fan only" connections, read the manual. its not meant to be used with a fan controller or to stack multiple fans on. when using it, it will only spin the fans as fast as the psu fa- in my cases ~900rpm.

    i have a vantec 4 fan controller i use for my case and vga fans. use a regular four pin molex to connect to the fan controller so it has full juice and control the fans that way.

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