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    Deal on a wireless network card + router?

    Anyone know of any?
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    Have you checked out

    I think CompUSA had a good Netgear router for $2.99 after rebates. It was only 802.11b, but for that kind of money, you can't beat it!
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    Nice, I need like 4 routers however with gas prices I dont think im going to 25 miles to pick up 4-5 of the. Why cant they ship online
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    Circuit City has Netgear Super G (or something like that) PCI adapters for $40 after rebates. I use on in my mom's PC, and I like it. I think they also had some deals on routers.
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    I just got this smc here:

    SMC Router

    42 dollar rebate at the bottom of the page, still looking for a deal on a g pci card for it.

    came to about 25 dollars after rebate and shipping and tax.
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