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    Case Cooling -internal Fans?

    hello guys, i have two, well actually 3 things i would like to address my felow o/c here.

    basicaly i have just upgraded from a FX5600 to a XFX6800GT -may i just say WOW!......anyway since i have put this in, my temps have gone up alot, i used to idle around 6-7C above case temp, now its gone up to 14C, at load it seems only to go up another 3C which is not bad (36C case, 50C idle 53C load)

    i don't have pics yet, but will do later on, don't know where digi cam is yet, but basicaly my 6800GT sits right below my SI-97 with zalman fan with about 2-3inches gap, now the air in that regon is heated alot from the graphics card, which has made my CPU temp rise.

    to be sure of it, i took side of and have office fan blowing at it, and now case temp it 35C and cpu is 39C idle -thats after about 4 mins of doing so. so obveolsy what i want to do is to find away to cirulating the air in the case much better. i have very strick budget of maximum total 35 pounds....70ish dollars i guess as im off to uni in a few weeks, but want this problem sorted before i go (taking it with me) , when i post picks i was wondering if u thought my case was messy -some wires are but i can't move them around at the moment -too short

    and also, how often do you guts replace the AS5 on your CPUs, ive been going fine since juneish time, but would it be okay if i left it untill next june for a resit?, or should i do another (i get my mum to do it, as i can't seem to have a steady hand, she did textiles and is really smooth at doing it)

    and ive fogoten the other thing

    cheers, ile post picks soon


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    Are you talking about the idle for the CPU or the GPU? It's unclear...

    Sounds like you need a couple more case fans... the bigger diameter the better for noise at least... by the way the temp drops so much with the side off.

    Pictures would be really helpful!

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    (all only talking about CPUU here) oh okay, sorry for that, my cpu is now idleing at 36C from a 27C case temp-but thats as ive only just turned it on, after a while of gaming my case temp rises to 36C.......which then my cpu idles at 50C

    (now gpu)........i don'tknow which side the case temp on my gpu is, but it reads 40C/39C after awhile of gameing (idels around 43-47C) and all the heat rises striat up onto my SI-97 (picks shortly) guessing that my MOBO case temp sensor must be nere the bottem, not nere my cpu as i first thought.

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    so what do you people think, its difficult for me to move the wires as i some are short, but do you recon i could maybe an internal fan 80mm....or maybe see if i can use the stock 60mm fan that came with the stock amd heat sink, to sit nere end of my graphics card(where power conector is) to move air around?
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    just get some nice panaflos and if you think your video card is the center of all this heat, get a slot cooler.

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    the problem is, is that the heat comes of the top side of the card....effectively the back i guess, so underneth is not a problem, i could get a slot cooler and see what it does but my budget is limited, ile see what i can do with my old 60mm stock heatsink fan, then get back to you

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    do you have fans in the front of your case? if so do they have the grills that are like a bunch of holes punched in the metal? if so, if you were to cut those off you'd improve airflow greatly, and robably cut on noise as well. and same for the back grills, but you'd probably want to replace those with wire ones at least, so there is some protection there.

    you could replace the LED fans with ones that have better flow, in my experience the LED fans arent that great of air movers.
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