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    Quickie about overvolting

    i haven't seen it one way or another in a thread here, so if i missed it, PLEASE point it out to me.

    I'm gettin' ready to go on the heavy oc's again as the temps are dropping.... and what held me back last spring was the voltage on my 6800nu (agp)

    can i overvolt it through mobo by increasing voltage going through the AGP? or is there a safeguard against too high a voltage as i was told by someone on another forum?

    lack of financial resources means i can't afford the parts to physically volt mod the card, as money is VERY tight (as in, no room for error tight)

    any help would be appreciated!


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    If you cannot afford to make the necessary improvements to your cooling, nor the potentially costly consequences overvolting can carry, I suggest you contain your urge to surge for now until you are in a better position!
    Nothing is worse then nuking a piece of otherwise perfectly functional hardware in the quest for that extra 5% when you are broke! Hang on up some money and then go for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TollhouseFrank
    can i overvolt it through mobo by increasing voltage going through the AGP?
    no, agp voltage is something completely different than the vgpu voltage you'd need to adjust (via voltmod or bios flash).

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    thanks crimedog... that's what i was lookin' for.... i dind' tknow if that was the voltage the GPU used or not

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    You can do a bios flash on it and increase the vots to core and mem. Would be free and easy to do.

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    dl your bios (here)

    dl nibitor (here)

    dl nvflash here)

    you can then open up your bios in nibitor go to voltages --> click extend voltage table and now you can increase the voltage to 1.5v (even though i wouldn't recommend it without some better cooling)
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    Exactly what adam said...

    I did a bios flash for 1.4v on my 6800LE and my core went from 300mhz to 425mhz stable.... moooohahahahahha!
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