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    Fry's/Corsair Mail In Rebate

    Hi. Umm I sent in a mail in rebate for my VS1GBKIT400 ram.. 2x512 sticks of corsair ram a while ago from Fry's Electronics. I think it was in July. June/July around that time. I sent in the receipt, the rebate form, and the upc code. After I sent it in and checked my status it said that it wasn't vaild. I needed to send in my valueselect cut away. I was like wow that's stupid. So i asked for an address to send it to from They answered me and I sent it back in. It's been almost a month now and the status hasn't changed. I e-mailed them like 6 times and they only answered twice saying the same thing that we didn't recieve your value select cutaway. What can I do?
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    Call them and tell them that you did exactly as they required and you have your copies to prove it & you want it fixed.

    If not take back the memory & go newegg some of a different brand.
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