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    Building a linux server, anythying I should watch out for?

    I have a 4-processor P3 (4 x 550mhz) server I got and it will have 2 hard drives in a RAID array.

    Is there anything I should watch out for in using a 4 processor system or using the hard drives in RAID? Any particular distro that would be best in this case?
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    Installing onto a RAID array can be tricky. Make sure you know what the chipset of the raid card is and that its supported by your distro. Most diustros ship with SMP kernels so that should not be a big concern.!
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    Usually when you want a heavy duty server, Debian is the clear choice.

    But it often comes down to preference. Linux distros can differ greatly...a lot of people stick to one distro because they can learn it inside and out

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    The RAID card will be your biggest problem. If the installer recognizes that, then your set.
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    I'd have to vote for debian for extreme stability.

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