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    Earthlink DSL users - new lower rate

    Is it acceptable to charge customer over the current rate?

    The answer is yes for Earthlink DSL service. Earthlink in the U.S. is charging their existing loyal customers 25% higher. The lower monthly rated has been in effective for quite sometimes; and Earthlink continues to charge customers the old rate of $49.99 per month instead of $39.99.

    Earthlink issues monthly product service bulletins and never notified customers under the old rate any advice to get the lower new rate. Bear in mind, there is nothing to lose except $10 per month for customers to switch to the new rate.

    When I contacted Earthlink, I was greeted by a 20-minute wait followed by a customer service rep replying to the question I raised, “I will be glad to switch you the new lower monthly rate”. How do I feel about this exciting “acceptance” to the lower rate? ****ed! Not because of just $10 saving a month but more so because I did not believe it is the way to treat your current customers by ripping them off.

    So, if you are customers of Earthlink in the U.S. and have been a loyal customers for over two years, chances of you being ripped off in paying 25% more on your monthly DSL service is relatively high.

    I believe Earthlink should reimburse their customers the excess charges they have collected and apologize for their improper/greedy business conduct.

    Please relate this to your readers so that they too, can stop throwing their hard earned money out the window to Earthlink.

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    funny, but hardly a cyberdeal

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    Ah... welcome to the world of telco. I am a Qwest sales subagent and I spend 90% of my time calling customers who are paying up the rear for nothing at all (cuz I get paid to! =D). I saved a big radio station in Phoenix $2600/mo just by putting them on the latest rates. No actual employees ever volunteer this information, it's crazy!

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    .... time to get ****ed.. How long has this been in effect?

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    I have no idea how this could be a cyberdeal
    I can explain it to you, but I cannot understand it for you

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