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    keyboard (opposite of other thread :p)

    I currently have a logitech natural wireless's nice gets the job done, but I no longer need wireless and was thinking of getting a new one.

    Now one thing that is a must is the fact it needs to be natural...I just like the way it feels.

    Now unlike the other thread (which inspired this one), I want one that's quiet. The first thing that came to mind is the current (or pretty new) apple keyboards. They are very comfortable and have nice effortless keys which fall down very nicely....the problem, not a natural one.

    Anyone know of any natural keyboards that fit that style?

    Thanks in advance!...oh and features like hotkeys and that jazz just drive up cost and I don't even use em
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    you know, that even MS admitted that their "natural" keyboards aren't really that natural. :P

    In any case, I think the new ones coming from MS look good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Know Nuttin
    you know, that even MS admitted that their "natural" keyboards aren't really that natural. :P

    In any case, I think the new ones coming from MS look good.
    definately looks pimp...
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    My mother has this one and really really likes it:

    You're not going to find a short-key-travel low-profile natural keyboard. If you want short-key travel and silence I recommend this sturdy model:
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    Wow... that new MS keyboard is beautitiful. Looks awesome.

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