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    Picking a video card

    What are the most important aspects of picking a video card: Here's why I'm asking. I was going to get a 6600gt 139.00 pci-e just to get by till I can afford a 7800. Ran across a x800gto for 175.00. starting doing some research and came across this the gto doesn't support ps 3.0..Then came across the gto2.. 128 bit vs 256-bit memory interface 8 or 12 pipelines. I don't do as much gaming as I did and I probably won't get a 7800 series anytime soon. Not many games use ps 3.0 yet so it comes down to memory interface and pipelines. Would like to stay below or at 200.00.. I have a 6600gt agp right now, but I'm in the process of building a new system...
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    You might be able to unlock the remaining pipes on the gto2, I would go with that instead of the 6600gt.

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