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    Worth adding another radiator

    If I have a spare Dtek procore laying around is it worth adding it to my WCing loop.

    The only thing I will have in the loop is a 939 opteron, current rad is a BIX3 with 3 deltas and a mag 3 pump and whitewater waterblock.

    If a processor is all I have and I have a 3fan rad alreay is it worth the flow reduction adding a second rad?
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    If you are feeling like your radiator isnt doing the job i'd just replace it and sell off the -one- or -two- extra ones. I dont believe running two would be something to do unless you just wanna be different and alittle extreme.
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    I agree... I believe that in keeping with good water cooling practices, one should try to consolidate components. You have an awesome rad, and it should be able to handle your 939. Instead of adding another rad and resistance along with it, just concentrate on moving as much cool air through your BIX3 as you can.

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    Normally the radiator is not the first place to gain performance, except more air ouf course. More radioators also would add more resistance to waterflow.

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