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    Windows xp MCE hook up problems

    I just installed windows xp MCE on a home built computer. a remote control came with is and a ir sensor box.
    My TV is on a desk at one end of the room and the TV, cable box, dvd player, tuner etc. is at the other end of the room on component shelving
    During set up i realized I need a coax cable from cable box to tv tuner card. Did that.
    But, a sensor wire also has to go from ir box to the cable box and a usb cable from ir to PC. I can't move components arround now.
    Is there such thing as a 20 foot ir wire ir a 20 foot usb 2.0 cable because if there is I can't find either.

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    The IR cable uses simple stereo headphone jacks, bring the unit to Radio Shack, they either got one or can sell you the parts to make one, also there are such things as USB extenders, Google it
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