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    Top overclocking steppings?

    Well, being as i cant seem to get ahold of a 939 opteron yet, i need to put something together, hehe. I was curious as to the best steppings on the San Diego 3700+ and the Venice 3000+,3200+? I appreciate any input on this as I am dying to get my new system up and running and if I must wait on the Opteron, I want something that i can really push until then.

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    I'm still a bit new to overclocking, but I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice. So far I've overclocked it to 2.5ghz at 1.45v. It runs at 100F on a full load and about 95 on start with stock cooling. 250x10

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    0515 and 0517 Venice's tend to do the best.
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