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    9800pro crashing

    It doesnt normally happen in css, but it has happened, happens everytime i play hl2, and sometimes when im just on aim..
    The screen goes black, then big artifacting blocks come up, then i get a blinking cursor in the left corner

    I've tried a couple different drivers..maybe im missing something

    2600 mobile
    2*256 corsair xms
    300 fortron

    nothing oc/ed, silencer on pro

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    There really seems to be some instability there. Make sure to give your memory enough voltage or even test the Ram if you can. The only time I have had issues like that is when the card was OC'd to high, card too hot, or memory starting to go bad. For some reason CSS doesnt seem to stress components too much on newer systems so that is hard to guage. Also, with the drivers make sure to uninstall them and completely delete them by using DriverCleaner. If you also know how to, remember to delete the drivers from the registry. Good Luck....

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    memory should be fine, i didnt have this problem until i put the 9800 in
    card is stock
    card shouldnt be too hot with the silencer on it, and with no overclocking

    i use drivercleaner, but dont know how to do the registry

    for drivercleaner, you just select ati and tell it to go..right?

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