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    Going to upgrade soon need comments and advice please!

    Hey up peeps well at the moment i have this: -

    Sempron 2500 (not a 64)
    Gigabyte k7 Triton (socket A)
    512mb Geil Value (2x256)
    Abit Guru 9550 (agp)

    Now the machine gets mostly used for work right now stuff like dreamweaver, photoshop etc, etc but i do like to play the odd game now and again (who dosen't?!

    Anyway when speaking to a friend they said get an MSI board but alot of you dont like them can i ask why? I know you lot like the DFI board but there a tad expesive but i maybe persuaded lol

    anyway here is the line up i have so far and i live in the uk

    Athlon 64 32/3500 - Yea i will overclock
    MSI Platinum - May change it not sure it's been recommended to me by a friend
    GFX - Geforce 6600gt maybe? (it should do me for now plus cash flow lol)
    Case - Antect P180 i like it and think it do me well
    PSU - Seasonic 520w - saw a great review for them price aint bad either

    Cooling - case has 3/4 fans already but i prob get more and may splash out on a watercooling kit tho im unsure be my 1st one plus it be the 1st time ive seen one close up lol
    oh i need memory any suggestions? - good but cheapish lol 512mb minimum!

    Oh i'll probably be using these sites: - < im a cheap scate lol oh and a student!

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    For that I would suggest looking into Intel...or an X2 A64 chip...but that's expensive.

    Video card will do but if you can swing a 6800GT it's worth the cash (good performance/buck still)

    Get another piece of 512 RAM also...or better yet sell your 2x256 and get a 2x512 set.
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    i kinda have a followup question on this subject, i have my trusty AXP 2400 from the times of unlocked CPUs, the glorious NF7-s and 1gb ram. would i notice much difference upgrading to an A64 system like the one described by Xoligy? is there a difference betweeen S754 and S939?
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    If you're going to be oc'ing, buy either the DFI Lanparty NF4Ultra mobo or the Epox EP-9NPA+ NF4Ultra. The DFI is supposed to be the best there is for oc'ing and is the one used in all the oc'ing tutorials here, but I hear the Epox one is about as good and is a little easier to set up, and it's also about $20 cheaper than the DFI. As for the socket question, if you're upgrading completely you should get a s939. It has more support for future upgradeability and stuff.
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    yeah i wouldn't touch intel with a barge pole dont like them and x2 too expensive gfx card sticking with 6600gt

    should of said im going to use old parts for a back up machine, backing up work and stuff thats important to me

    Epox i know nowt about them but i'll have a gander

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